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A guide to caring for your gecko:


By using the menus or the following links - you can learn all you need to know about caring for your Leo!

  • Housing
    How to house your Leopard Geckos. Vivariums. terrariums. substrate. heating. lighting. feeding.
  • Heating
    Heating methods for Leopard Gecko Housing. Heat mats. Thermostats. thermometers.
  • Lighting
    Lighting for Leopard Geckos. What you can use and what I recommend.
  • Substrate
    Substrate recommendations for Leopard Gecko Vivariums. what is the best substrate to use. Sand. slate. tiles. sphagnum moss. coconut fibre. Recommendations can be found here.
  • Feeding
    Leopard Geckos - food requirements what can you feed them. A comprehensive listing with detailed information of all common Gecko Live Foods. Crickets. locusts, mealworms, morio, waxworms, butterworms etc..
  • Handling
    Leopard Geckos and their handling and taming - all you need to know.
  • Health
    Ensure optimum health for your Leopard Gecko and how to diagnose many common and rare health issues such as parasites, diseases, stress and dehydration amongst others.













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