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Sexing a Gecko is difficult when they are under a certain weight. Sometimes it's glaringly obvious, other times only further time will be indicative for sure. I do not guarantee the sex of any gecko if it is under 12 grams in weight. However I will give you my best assessment of the sex in the listings. If I mention that it "could" be a male then it is showing "signs" - but sometimes these signs show no fruition when the gecko reaches maturity and it turns out it is a female. The femoral pores darken very significantly on a male when mature - and some females have quite dark albeit faint femoral pores at an early age - hence the confusion that can arise. Cresties can be especially difficult to sex correctly even after 6 months of age - but a general rule that if the crestie is not showing the characteristic lumps by 9 months it's probably almost certainly a female! ;o)


All my geckos were once fed exclusively on Clarks Gecko diet but they were all without exception very fussy with it I then changed exclusively to Repashy (the newest formulae) which they all like. I have noticed in the 4 years I have been breeding Crested Geckos that many factors affect their growth rates. Some people have expressed concern that some of my Cresties are too small for their age.

Here's the thing with a crested gecko - you cannot force feed them - period! They eat at their own pace and they eat what they want and when they want it. This is especially  true if like me you feed them exclusively on powdered foods like Repashy - which I do out of necessity for me. At present I have around 30 Geckos in the house and they all need feeding 3 times a week so powdered food is more economical for me both financially and with regards to time!

I have also noticed that the size of their enclosure DOES have an efect on the growth rates despite what many people believe.

Without exception when I sell a gecko once they are in their new larger permanent home with their new owner who then feeds them both powdered and the occasional live food - they grow quite fast then for their new owners. I theorise it's due to the larger home and the addition of arguably more nutritious "real" food in the form of occasional insects.

So my geckos are not indeed dwarfs - they just grow slowly in their current setup - that said - when my geckos do mature they are big brutes! All my extablished breeders are between 50-75 grams! They just take longer to get there!!




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